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Since my first book - Words in Context - was published by Ernst Klett Sprachen in 2004, I've continued to author for the publishing house and its sister company Ernst Klett Verlag. Alongside course books for learners of English in secondary schools across Germany, I have written a variety of books for students and teachers on vocabulary and grammar learning as well as a recent materials on Brexit and the British.

In addition, I have also written for Die ZEIT and other publications on digital learning for children.


Here you'll find some of the books and materials I have written
for Ernst Klett Sprachen and Ernst Klett Verlag.

  • Words in Context (2003,  2013 revised edition)
  • Green Line Oberstufe (2009, 2015, 2021)
  • Green Line Transition (2014, 2018)
  • Green Line Bayern (from 2017)
  • Brexit – Information and Activities (2019)
  • Know Your Grammar (2017)
  • Teaching Grammar Essentials (2016)
  • Teaching Words in Context (2015)
  • Business words in Context (2013)
  • Improve your Vocabulary (2013)
  • Abi Workshop: Sicher in Mediation (2011)
  • Abi Workshop: Sicher im Wortschatz (2011)
  • Idiomatic English in Context (2008)


  • Child labour
    • A textbook for university students (2004) educational consultant
  • "Piep, blink, wisch"
    •  Article in Die ZEIT, 6 July 2017
  • "Mehr Mut zum Wischen"
    • Article in Die ZEIT, 14 November 2013